You see this in boxing all the time. Post fight interview, pre fight interview, during fight interview. Boxers call other boxers out all the time. Ask any boxer who they wanna fight next, there’s a huge chance they already have another fighter in mind. If not a list of fighters.

Unfortunately, in the UFC this is a rarity. Joe Rogan comes up to the winner post fight, asks who they’d like to face next, and then “I’ll fight whoever Joe Silva and the UFC decide is my opponent” or some form of that.

SOOOOOOO boring.

Call someone out! Tell us fans you’ll knock them out, sub them, finish them, flawless victory them! Or (for the more humble fighters) at least tell us you’d like to test them because they’re good and you’re confident in your abilities… or some shit. AT LEAST.

See, on ANY youtube video if a fighter calls someone out, or says they’ll knock them out, or finish them, etc etc there’s a fucking train of keyboard warriors ready to vomit all their insecurities on that fighters. “Oh they’re cocky blah blah blah” Ya maybe, but at least they’re ENTERTAINING. And how else would you want them to be? Do you want them to answer everything fucking boringly?

You might not like the Diaz-es or Koscheck-s or even the (for a less extreme example) Anthony Pettis-es out there, but they fucking entertain. If every fighter was always like “Ohhh yah well I trained hard, I don’t know if I’ll win but I trained hard so we will see” or “Ohh I dont want to fight anyone in particular. It’s up to the UFC.” the mma world would be sooo fucking boring.


So personally, I thank the based-god for fighters like this.http://youtu.be/JzOmQRM8g7Y?t=2m34s
Start at 2:34. Pettis callin niggas out!! Getting shit done!! And that’s how you hype us fans up.

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