So this weekend’s UFC fight card welcomed back Anthony Johnson. And he thoroughly outfought phil in just every aspect possible. He stalked Phil down the whole time, stuffing takedowns and calmly slipping and blocking Phil’s frantic ass strikes while landing solid punches of his own. I’m excited at the thought of him getting a titleshot.


But he’ll probably need one more fight before than can happen because the person who really deserves the shot it..

Alexander mother fucking Gustafsson. Lost the champ via close/controversial decision (I personally wasn’t upset with the decision because the fight was so close I saw it going either way) and came back with a monstrous tko finish against Jimi Manuwa. I definitely consider that to be enough to get him the rematch considering how close his fight with jones was. And how much people want the re-match.


So I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the following in the LHW division:

1) Jones and Gustafsson rematch, with no delays due to injury (ughhh)
2) Gustafsson whoopin dat ass
3) Jones post loss fight against Anthony Johnson to determine title contendor against new  LHW champ Gustafsson.

That is proooobably not gunna happen like that though lol.



1) Featured Image:

2) Johnson Punching Davis:

3) Gustafsson Victory Scream: cdn.sherdog.com/_images/pictures/20140308022943_aaaa.JPG


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