Ohhhhh man. My coworker just reminded me that the Mayweather/Maidana fight is this weekend!! Wooot woooot!!

First of all let me say that Maidana is a warrior. He has tons of punching power, doesn’t back down, and has never been knocked out. Mad respect for Maidana.

That being said, he is definitely nothing new to Mayweather. Money May really just has his game down to a T. Yah he’s getting older, and physiologically speaking (source–>my exercise science degree) he isn’t as fast or as powerful as he was in his 20s, but his experience and style more than make up for it. He has more than a decade of experience in the pro ring, and his fights as of lately are really maybe 3 or 4 rounds until he’s pretty much picked up on opponents striking patterns, timing, and footwork. This allows him to philly shell an aggressive opponent from the outside and counter on their mistakes as they close the distance themselves with their aggressiveness. OR effectively jab/right hand lead and immediately move out of the way of the counter. These two things win practically every round. And he will most definitely do the same to Maidana.

To Maidana’s credit though, he did manage to manhandle Mayweather’s protege/brotege/dick-rider Adrien Broner. Broner basically has the exact same style as Mayweather, except he’s younger, and Maidana was able to land some crafty punches to get the knockdown(s) against him. Don’t get me wrong though, while they might have similar styles, Mayweather has significantly more experience and is wayyyyy better with that philly shell than Broner.

Maidana might have a puncher’s chance, might even land a fucking missle at Mayweather at some point in the fight (like Mosley did early in his fight with Mayweather). But Maidana is definitely not gunna do it twice like how he did with Broner. Mayweather will absolutely adapt, if not avoid it outright (since Maidana’s craft “fake to the body but bring it up to the head” knockdown of Broner is on tape and Mayweather most definitely took note of it).


Soooooo. My prediction. UD Mayweather by like 10 rounds.

Maidana has got to get that knockdown and if he does he HAS to finish it.

Hope it’s more competitive than I expect though. WAR MAIDANA!



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