Back in the days bad ass NCAA wrestlers fucking owned shit in mma. Coleman Randleman Couture Hughes etc etc all bad mother fuckers with a sick wrestling pedigree (NCAA All Americans, Olympic Amateur Wrestling, etc) used to shit all over everyone in pride and UFC. Ground and pound nearly everyone who couldn’t handle a powerful wrestler on top.

But those days are nearly gone as the sport has evolved. Not that having a sick pedigree wont help. Some of the top UFC fighters have a legit wrestling background. But the top of the top mma wrestlers nowadays aren’t people that should be owning, at least on paper.

UFC HW Champ Cain Velasquez is a Junior Wrestling College Champ and so is UFC LHW Champ Jon Jones. Still no easy feat, but when paired against NCAA Division 1 All Americans you would expect them to fold when just the opposite has been happening. Former UFC WW Champ GSP didn’t even wrestle collegiately! And he has wrestled with (and arguably OUTwrestled) Koscheck, Hughes, Hendricks, Fitch, Trigg, Sherk.. all wrestlers who should have wrestledfucked the shit out of him on paper.


So wsup bro? What’s goin on with the world?

Well simply put, fighting has evolved. Back in the days bjj and grappling in general shitted on errybody, but people caught on quick and learned some defense. The second era of fighters in the late 90s and early 2000s brought on powerhouse wrestlers with enough striking to close the distance and bring the fight to the ground, or monster strikers with enough wrestling and grappling to keep the fight on the feet. But now the latest generation of fighters is so much more. You gotta be well rounded. You gotta be good at EVERYTHING. Simply knowing how to wrestled doesn’t guarantee a takedown at the top level of mma anymore because people are learning the defenses. And more importantly because people are learning better set ups to take you down. Blindly going in for the double will make you look like an idiot. But a takedown set up with a jab cross, or even a jab cross to get your opponent to commit to striking with you then countering with a takedown works sooo much better nowadays.

So as long as the sport of fighting continues, fighters have to keep up as well. Blah blah blah conclusion.

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