So now that the dust of Rousey vs Holm has settled, we can all agree on one thing…

Rousey needs to work on her striking. And I mean at the most basic of levels. Before footwork, timing, feinting, cutting the ring/octagon, Rousey is severely lacking in the most basic of punching techniques.

We’ve all seen the gifs/videos of her shadow boxing. And everyone is quick to call it shit technique. I was probably one of the few that gave her the benefit of the doubt. As someone who typically shadowboxes any time I’m standing around doin nothing, I know that your shadow boxing technique isn’t going to be 100% perfect 100% of the time. Sure, shadow boxing is a training technique to perfect form. But sometimes you shadow box to warm up. Sometimes you shadow box just to move. Sometimes you shadow box because you’re bored and just fucking around (me).

SOOOOOO being the Rousey fan I am, I youtubed many many many other videos of her shadowboxing. And yah. She’s really bad lol.

Now I’m kinda gunna step on my own feet her and say that even when I under the impression that she was warming up/fucking around shadowboxing I still thought “That looks very odd and awkward.” I mean, the technique was just .. odd and awkward. And then the more videos I watched the more I realized that the awkward things she did in the first video I saw, she consistently does in all her shadowboxing videos. So here ladies and gentleman, is a breakdown of the awkwardness and why it’s awkward.

So, let’s begin with Holly Holm as a base of comparison.

^Note how as before Holly throw her rear straight her hips at at a narrow angle towards her invisible target and rear leg is facing out to the side. As she throws her rear straight, her hips “turn forward” as does her rear leg so that she could generate power from her legs into her punch as she squares up with the opponent. Then as she pulls her rear arm back and throws her right hook, her rear leg again rotates away as she resumes her narrow boxing stance towards invisible opponent.

Here she is again at a different angle. Note her narrow stance just before she drops into a lead straight. Again you can see how her rear leg “turns forward” squaring her hips to generate power for his punch and

Now here’s Ronda. She begins in a decent enough stance with her hips and shoulders narrow so not to square up with the opponent. She throws a  jab and as she begins to follow up with her cross, she STARTS of correctly. Notice how she ever so slightly turns her rear leg forward. But then .. it just kinda stops. And as she has her cross full extended her rear leg almost seems like it went back to her neutral boxing stance. That’s just her lowerbody. Now look at her rear shoulder/arm. Notice how she extensions the arm (via the elbow) but never rotates her rear shoulder forward. Now go back to Holm’s gif above and watch her drive her rear shoulder forward as she throws her cross. That is a punch that’s ready to drive into your face. Rousey’s is a punch that won’t even reach your face because she’s literally limiting how far she can reach through her poor poor form. I watch this and shudder at how awkward it looks because I can vividly imagine how awkward it is to stand in a boxing stance and throw a rear straight without moving your hips or shoulders. Try it. It feels fucking weird. Like you’re trying to punch with baby trex arms. No power. No reach.

Now I’m aware that Rousey’s background is grappling based, but at this level of competition, as the fucking queen of the women’s 135 division, this level of striking is really inexcusable. So before we even begin talking about how she could have cut the ring off better against holms, or threw more feints, or moved laterally, Rousey really needs to take it 10 steps back and work the fundamentals. Especially as long as someone like Holm is still champ!

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