A lot of big names on this card! Without doing any hardcore tape watching of any of the fighters, here are my predictions for the upcoming 200 event.

Miller vs Gomi
Tough one. Both are on a 2 loss streak so both are going to come in with some desperation. As much as my heart wants Gomi to win, I’m leaning towards a Jim Miller submission win. Considering the normally hard-chinned Gomi has lost his last two by TKO, I wouldn’t be surprised if Miller is able to light him up a bit in the exchanges. Eventually Gomi will either get too caught in up the exchanges and get taken down and subbed or will get rocked by a Miller punch, shoot for a takedown and get subbed.

Lauzon vs Sanchez
Definitely leaning towards a Sanchez decision win here. I think Lauzon will get swept up in the Diego barrage and end up losing rounds. Sanchez hasn’t been submitted ever so I don’t think Lauzon will be able to take advantage in the grappling department.

Mousasi vs Brunson
Although Brunson has a better in record in his last few fights than Mousasi, I think Mousasi will pull out the submission victory here. Mousasi just has more experience against higher ranked fighters, and for him to be able to win against Leites after his devastating loss against Hall means his chin is still there.

Sage Norcutt vs doesn’t matter
His opponent doesn’t even have a wiki page. I literally know 0% about who Norcutt is fighting but I can tell you with 90% confidence that whoever they’re placing him against will be the canniest of cans. UFC will not let Norcutt lose 2 in a row. Norcutt by tko.

Dillashaw vs Assuncao
Assuncao on a 7 win streak with 1 of those wins being against Dillashaw it seems like he would be the one I’d choose. But for whatever fucking reason I’m leaning towards Dillashaw. I think he has more to prove than Assuncao and being on a 1 fight lose streak has taken some pressure off him. I think he’s gunna outwork Assuncao on the feet, dancing around him and lighting him up to a decision victory.

Hendricks vs Gastelum
Both have lost their last fight, although Hendricks last loss is to a higher contendor. Both have strong wrestling and come in aggressive with strikes. Hendricks has more impressive KOs, but Gastelum has fought at a higher weight class. I’m leaning towards Gastelum on this for some reason. I dunno, I just feel like Hendricks is on the decline right now. This is probably my shittest prediction so far lol. This will be a close fight though, but Gastelum by decision.

Zingano vs Pena
This could go either way. I’m 50% sure this will end in TKO for either team. Too close to make a call here.

Velasquez vs Brown
Assuming comes in with decent knees, he’s going to outwork brown the same way he did Junior. Although I wouldn’t count out a 1 shot KO on Brown’s part, or even a KO via against the wall death elbows while defending a takedown. I just see those chances being very slim. Velasquez by TKO.

Aldo vs Frankie Edgar
I think Aldo will outclass Edgar the first round and then slowly get taken over the following rounds. Edgar needs to kick his shit into gear ASAP. Aldo is most dangerous early before he gasses. I think this will be much closer on the feet now though after Aldo devastating KO loss to McGregor. I think Edgar might even rock Aldo by the 4th round. Anyways, Edgar by majority decision. I think his camp will adjust from their first loss to Aldo. Edgar by majority decision.

Tate vs Nunes
I think Tate’s last victory against Holm’s shows us how Tate’s toughness and wrestling style takedowns and control showed how good Tate can be. I think both will be even on the fight but once take starts mixing in those takedowns, Nunes bjj wont be able to handle the top control. Tate by tko.

Lesnar vs Hunt
I extremely want Hunt to win, but I don’t think he’s had anyone of Lesnar’s wrestling caliber come at him full force with the takedowns like Lesnar will. I’m going Lesnar by majority decision. I’m not very confident about this though because Hunt can punch so hard.

Cormier vs Jones
I think Jones will re-adjust his strength and conditioning training since his last shitty fight and we will see a re-peat of Jones vs Cormier 1. I’m calling Jones majority decision here. He is just too good at keeping his distance with his reach and finger rakes. And Cormier cannot take advantage when he manages to get Jones on the ground.



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