Here are the facts
1) Nate Diaz has been taken off UFC’s rankings
2) Dana White is a stupid ass bitch
3) Dana white is a fucking gay ass bitch

No offense to gay people. And to all the politically correct fags, one of my closest friends is gay, so quit being homo.

Back to this bullshit I just read on mmaweekly. Nate Diaz has reportedly been taken off the UFCs official rankings. I read the article where Dana White explained why (basically due to “inactivity”).

The past couple weeks leading up this I would occasionally see some article on mmaweekly about Nate Diaz tweeting UFC to drop him, or him not wanting to take fights, or complaining about his pay in the company. All things people think they can judge him for without knowing the entirety of his situation. And I’ve read articles about Dana complaining about said antics. Then ALL OF A SUDDEN dana white decides to enforce some new policy about inactive fighters being taken off UFC rankings.

I mean… that’s up to the UFC if they want strict policies like that. I get it. And I’d be fine with it if it wasn’t CLEARLY being abused by Dana White to coerce Nate Diaz into sucking his dick. I mean this new policy isn’t even applied to all fighters. Last time Nate fought was November 30. So roughly 5 months of inactivity. So then why the fuck are there so many other fighters still on the rankings that have been inactive longer than Diaz??? Dominik Cruz has been inactive for 3 fucking years! Take him the fuck off.

I’m not gunna even delve into how shitty they pay Nate for being such a big draw. Next paragraph.

I’m just really annoyed ate Dana abusing her power to deal with personal problems with fighters. Keep that shit professional bro. C’mon. Diaz is such a big draw, I hate to see a fighter like that treated so shitty. And this kind of abuse will continue in the future with any fighters who doesn’t bend over to Dana so long as people keep quiet about it.

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